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Our Mission

The mission of Caradigm Patient Advocacy is to provide health guidance – from a pharmacist’s perspective – to patients and caregivers who are in need of a coach through their medical journey. As an independent patient advocate we work for you, therefore we put your interests first to ensure the best possible outcomes and peace of mind. 

“It’s Like Having A Pharmacist In Your Family”

Our Philosophy

Your values define you and your family. They should be your guiding principles when it comes to making your healthcare decisions. When someone is dealing with a serious medical condition, either their own, or a loved one, it is often times overwhelming, on so many different levels. Having a private Patient Advocate at your side means you have someone who is 100% unbiased, someone who is not on the payroll of a hospital or insurance company. We are on your side and our interests align with your values so that you can make informed decisions about your healthcare. 

At Caradigm Patient Advocates, we understand each person is an individual and that just because a treatment for a specific disease may be the standard of care, you should be fully informed as to all treatment options, so you can choose what you feel is best for you. Only you can make health and life decisions for yourself. Our company operates with a slightly old fashioned motto that presents timeless value: Attention and Service. Attention to your needs, concerns and questions. Service, making sure that your concerns are addressed, questions answered, and decisions, based on your values are properly implemented.


Patient Advocates willing to guide you through your healthcare journey.


Years of Combined Experience in the medical field.


of Patients counseled on Medication management.

Our Advocates

Ken Kwapiszewski, R.Ph.

Founder & Lead Advocate

Ken is a licensed pharmacist with over 30 years in the health care industry. His experience includes retail and long-term care pharmacy, in addition to pharmaceutical and hospital experience. He has been a strong advocate for his customers, counseling them to better understand the how, when and whys of their medications. In addition, he also advocates for clear and consistent communication across health care teams.

This is why Ken stepped out from behind the pharmacy counter and became an independent patient advocate. His passion is to provide others with assistance in navigating this complex health care system.

Ken lives in West Michigan with his wife and two children. He is a member of Michigan Pharmacists Association and Alliance of Professional Health Advocates. He volunteers at The Little Red House which is an adult daycare facility. He enjoys traveling with his wife, weight training, and reading history books.

Krista Nurnberger


Krista has over 25 years of healthcare and pharmaceutical experience. She has significant professional and personal experience in navigating large healthcare systems, medical teams, and managed care plans.

Her understanding of the uniqueness of each individual patient journey drives her passion to support others as they navigate their healthcare decisions.

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  • Ken Kwapiszewski, R.Ph.
  • Krista Nurnberger

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