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I worked with Ken for over 5 years in a retail pharmacy setting. He always treated me as and equal and I enjoyed every day that we worked together. He is a very outgoing, friendly person and worked well with our patients of all ages. Our patients enjoyed his positive attitude and helpfulness. Ken was always a very hands-on Pharmacist no matter what project we had to accomplish. Ken’s knowledge of pharmacy helped me to grow in my job as a pharmacy technician.

Nancy D. - MI

Ken coordinated my care with my healthcare team to make sure that everyone was on the same page for diagnosis and treatment. He helped me understand what drugs I was taking, why I was taking them, and when and how to take them.

Ron N. - FL

My Husband was seriously ill for over 5 years (cancer, diabetes, heart disease, amputations), and I carried our family insurance coverage through my employer. I utilized FMLA when I could, but it was important for me to continue working to cover household expenses and insurance coverage while my husband was convalescing at home. With all of his health concerns, his daily medications consisted of 15-20 prescriptions taken 2-3 times daily, daily wound care and nutrition controls, and a regimen of physical and occupational therapies. Ken visited our home on a regular basis during the day while I was at work. He made sure my husband’s medications were taken as directed, and that they didn’t pose any hidden dangers, he assisted with wound care including educating and training for my husband and me. He got to know the other home care professionals that visited our home, and worked with them to help my husband. Ken even went above and beyond by taking my husband to medical appointments when I was unable to do so, or spending an hour or so with my husband just socializing. Ken didn’t just help my husband through stressful and painful time, he helped ME simply by being there, sending me updates via text messages, talking over the phone, and being an amazing support person on our team. It was like having a pharmacist right at home with us. I am forever grateful for Ken’s knowledgeable, professional, and consistent advice and care.

Nancy M. - MI

Ken accompanied me to my orthopedic appointments to discuss treatment options for my lower back pain. Not only did he clarify treatment options, he also reviewed my current medications and supplements. In fact, I was prescribed a drug for pain and when I picked it up at the pharmacy, he noticed a potential severe interaction that could cause significant bleeding.

Nels E. - MI

As a caregiver for my wife with Alzheimer’s, I was challenged emotionally and physically. Ken was our advocate who listened and understood what we were going through. He helped better understand the disease itself and the rationale behind the current drug therapy.

Jerry K. - MI

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